• About Malleable Castings
  • SG or Ductile Iron Castings
Malleable Castings is a flexible foundry capable of producing cost effectively both long production runs and shorter, lower volume orders to satisfy the full range of customer needs. It operates on a short lead time, rapid response strategy and has the trained production staff and flexible and balanced melting, moulding and annealing capacity to support this strategy.
While there have been numerous changes in the foundry industry through the past several decades, Malleable Castings has been a reliable presence in this changing industrial sector.
The Activia Park, Gauteng based foundry is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, with a rich and innovative history. The vision for superior castings and customer service dates back to May 1963 when Joe Peers, who had been in the foundry industry all his life, founded his own foundry manufacturing malleable iron castings. For most of this period there has been a family connection of Joe’s in the companywith son-in-law Ben Dyson having worked for the company from 1963 until retiring in 2006 and grandson, also christened Ben, has been with the company as Managing Director since 2011.

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“Ductile cast irons are used extensively in automotive applications such as clutches, gears, carriers, shafts, bearings, cams and hubs. Castings are made in a wide range of sizes with sections that can be either very thin or very thick.” “Since its introduction, the growth of ductile iron applications has exceeded all expectations. Whether in an automobile component, a water pipe, or a plow, ductile iron has made major inroads to the casting market in every industrially developed country."

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